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Hello. My name is Gina Orpurt I am a professional computer graphic artist.

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Thanks for visiting my web site! I appreciate all of my customers and I am committed to providing each of them – including you – the best value and service possible. I am here to provide professional design services to you without the high-cost from a larger advertising company. It's me and my computer and I'm here to help!

I am very passionate, motivated and driven
and truly enjoy creating and designing
graphic art pieces and projects
as well as planning marketing strategies
for my clients that will get results!


I have been professionally designing as a computer graphic artist since 1992, studying at Terra Technical College in Fremont, OH.

Shortly after attending college, I was given my first graphics arts opportunity at Harvey Advertising & Design in Findlay, OH. Since then I have worked with companies like OHM Corporation on government proposal projects, Fastech, Inc. on custom training CD-ROM's, Findlay Industries, Inc. on operations, procedures & training manuals, Centrex Plastics, LLC on marketing and sales projects, Millstream Press and Quick Tab II on various print projects and so many others.

I have been given the opportunity to work with very large corporations, smaller businesses and individual's as well and I am always eager to share my computer graphics solutions, tips and tricks with my customers. My designing capabilities are very broad therefore giving me the ability to help out so many different people with so many different projects. I am able to work within the PC or Macintosh computer software environments and have experience with several different software programs in both.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with each and every one of my customers and hope to continue to help them with my computer graphics solutions!

If you want it professionally designed - TechMark, LLC can do it!
Gina Orpurt
Designer and Owner
TechMark, LLC

graphic artist designer
Home-based business in Fostoria, OH.
Nominated to be listed in
The National Register of Historic Places.

A bit about my background prior to 1992...
I was born and raised in Fostoria, OH, as Regina Annette Todd. I grew up on Cherry St, which was the only house I ever lived in. My father worked and retired from Atlas Crankshaft and my mother worked at Fostoria Industries, Inc. I enjoyed growing up and living in Fostoria within such a diverse community. I attended Longfellow Elementary School, Emerson Jr. High School then I graduated from Fostoria High School in 1985. I was married (nka: Gina Haase) and already had two of my four children at the time of graduation and at a very early age (20 yrs. old), I found myself divorced and having the responsibility of raising four children.

I always worked very hard, usually at more than one place at a time, such as the Review Times, Good Shepherd Home, and Frankie's Best (a restaurant that used to be here) before I realized that I needed a better paying job in order to give my children the things that I wasn't able to after a house fire here in Fostoria, I moved to Findlay, worked at the Heritage (3rd shift), T.J. Willie's (then at the mall 2nd shift) and I went to college during the day...and here I am today...

graphic artist family
Recently re-married, I continue to live, work and enjoy my life here in Fostoria now with my new husband, a new grandson, two new step-daughters, and a future son-in-law.
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Committed to providing the best value & service possible!

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